Differences in various flexible plastic packaging materials

21 May, 2024 9:38am
The variety of raw materials for plastic packaging bag production is also constantly increasing, such as PE, PP, PO, OPP, etc. So what are the differences in plastic packaging bags

The Future of Green Food Packaging Market in Resisting Plastic Pollution

21 May, 2024 9:32am
The food delivery industry is becoming the fastest growing sector in China's food industry, but its rapid development has also brought many problems, and the environmental friendli

Requirements for medical sterilized paper plastic packaging bags

21 May, 2024 9:26am
The medical packaging bags of medical composite films can be used for EO ethylene oxide and high-temperature steam respectively, such as high-temperature steam sterilization or hos

The labeling of net content of quantitatively packaged goods is regulated by the State Administration for Market Regulation

21 May, 2024 9:22am
JJF 1070-2023 National Technical Specification for Metrological Inspection of Net Content of Quantitative Packaging Goods

The significance of single recyclable plastic packaging: environmental protection, economy, and appeal

21 May, 2024 9:18am
The significance of single recyclable plastic packaging is not only environmental protection, but also reflects the multiple values of economy and appeal. All sectors should work t

Customized process for color printed packaging bags in the food packaging bag factory

21 May, 2024 9:15am
Another type is the absence of design drawings. At this point, it is necessary to prepare creative copy in advance and present it to the packaging bag manufacturer for design. For

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