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Customized process for color printed packaging bags in the food packaging bag factory

21 May, 2024 9:15am

Food packaging bags come in many categories due to different processing and production processes, as well as different materials. For example, there are kraft paper food packaging bags, plastic food packaging bags, etc. How to customize food packaging bags of different materials, and how to perform color printing on packaging bags? Let's learn more about food packaging bag manufacturers in 2022

1. Packaging bag design
① One way is if the company itself has a packaging bag designer or has already found a good enterprise to do the design, then it only needs to submit the design drawings to the packaging bag manufacturer, who will carry out color printing layout design.
② Another type is the absence of design drawings. At this point, it is necessary to prepare creative copy in advance and present it to the packaging bag manufacturer for design. For special matters that need to be noted, it is also necessary to communicate with the manufacturer in advance

2. Packaging bag color printing plate making
Engineers from packaging bag manufacturers will carry out printing layout and copper plate production based on design drawings, materials, and process requirements, which will take approximately 5-6 days.

3. Printing and composite cutting
Color printing is performed on the selected packaging bag material, and the printing speed and effect of different equipment vary. Among them, the high-speed machine has the highest color printing efficiency. After the color printing is completed, other processes such as aluminum washing, hot stamping, and surface coating are carried out. Then there is the composite of the heat sealing layer and other film layers that increase performance, and after the composite is completed, it needs to be dried and cured. After the composite is completed, check the composite situation.

4. Bag making of color printed packaging bags
Cut and rewind the color printing film and place it on the corresponding bag making machine for bag making. Like a zipper bag making machine, it can produce self standing bags with zippers, octagonal sealing bags, and other bags. Some bag types require film folding before being loaded onto the bag making machine.

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