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Requirements for medical sterilized paper plastic packaging bags

21 May, 2024 9:26am

The composition of medical sterilized paper plastic packaging bags is paper+plastic composite film, which is used to package medical devices to be sterilized and belongs to the initial inner packaging of products. Generally, sterilized paper plastic packaging bags require printing information about the manufacturer or product of medical devices.

According to regulations, the printing area shall not exceed 50%. Nicknames include sterile packaging bags, sterile packaging bags, medical reagent packaging bags, and medical paper plastic bags.

The medical packaging bags of medical composite films can be used for EO ethylene oxide and high-temperature steam respectively, such as high-temperature steam sterilization or hospital medical device sterilization, and can be used to hold items to be sterilized.

It is not advisable to use PET (polyester)/PE (polyethylene) colorless and transparent medical composite films during high-temperature sterilization, as PE itself cannot withstand high temperatures, and its adhesive cannot withstand high temperatures. Therefore, it is not recommended to use PET (polyester)/CPP (polypropylene) for irradiation sterilization, as radiation can cause CPP to age and become brittle, and may also precipitate harmful halides.

Generally, in a clean workshop, such as a 100000 * purification workshop, products are packed into bags. Then, seal the bag with a heat sealing machine and put it into a cardboard box for sterilization. Due to different materials, the shelf life of bacteria is generally divided into 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years, all of which have undergone aging verification. This can ensure that the medical supplies in the bag are sterile before transportation and storage until opened by the hospital nurse, allowing for direct sterilization.

Working principle: By utilizing the semi permeability and antibacterial properties of packaging materials, bactericidal gases such as EO ethylene oxide or steam can penetrate to achieve a bactericidal effect, preventing bacteria from entering the sterilized paper plastic packaging bag again. Ensure that the bag remains sterile within the required storage, transportation, and shelf life until the sterilized paper plastic packaging bag is opened. Keep the product in a sterile state. The packaging must not be contaminated by air, fiber breakage, dust, other foreign objects, or microorganisms. Therefore, packaging should ensure that the packaging materials are not damaged; Completely sealed, with appropriate peel strength, non penetrating, non explosive, and clean peeling.

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